Advanced Technology Manufacturing
Capability | Flexibility | Availability

APCT is a leading manufacturer of high reliability Printed Circuit Boards


From Standard Through-Hole to Advanced HDI; From Rigid to Flex and Rigid Flex product.


Standard lead times are faster than industry norms. Expedited lead times are World Class.


APCT’s core competency is detailed engineering support enabling superior execution.


APCT is a complete solution provider for offshore PCB sourcing with domestic mfg. infrastructure.

Partnering with Dreamers to Manufacture Tomorrow’s Products

Our Knowledgeable People Support Your Dream

Success in the PCB world includes extensive resources of facilities & equipment, but to fulfill a dream, knowledgeable people with passion, commitment, and trust are essential.

Extremely Quick Lead Times

Understanding the need to beat your competition to market or the necessity to bounce back quickly from a failure are just 2 of the reasons why “World-Class” lead times are offered at APCT.

Pre-Sales Design for Manufacturability

The goal is to support the implementation of a design that is both cost effective and highly reliable. That effort, prior to the manufacturing of the product, saves both time & money.

Manufacturing Technology – at Scale

After successfully executing the prototype, APCT’s offshore business model of production manufacturing provides our customers the savings of Time, Money, & Personnel.


These are the
Cornerstones of APCT


To Provide Ultimate Customer Satisfaction


To Service and Execute With High Reliability


To Be Earned By Our Actions

Business principles I learned in 1971 remain successful today: Respect the people you work with; Offer unconditional customer support; Keep things simple and honest.”

Steve Robinson
President/ CEO

We strive daily to be able to answer our customer’s
needs. We work diligently to offer with confidence
technology solutions from standard rigid through-hole,
to the more advanced HDI via in pad product, to Flex
and Rigid Flex.

Because technology is linked to lead times, APCT is proud to say that corporate cycle times are consistently faster than industry standards and premium quick turn capabilities are the fastest in the world! Please give us an opportunity to earn your trust and gain your loyalty.

APCT is Recognized By The World’s Leading Organizations

lockheed 1


“Systems in operations are critical in manufacturing to produce a reliable product. We have come to trust APCT and their systems to predictably execute and deliver our critical projects.”

Lockheed Martin Corporation


“Boeing is looked upon as a leader in technology and reliability. We are proud to partner with APCT who share that same vision of being the very best in their field.”

The Boeing Company


“APCT has set a standard for thoroughness, reliability and open candid communication that sets a standard by which other PCB manufacturers are judged. APCT Engineering produces thorough DFMs that go through every aspect of a design with thoughtful commentary and suggestions that help us improve our design and avoid future problems, all while demonstrating quick communication and strong character.”

Elbit Systems of America, LLC

“In our business space, technology is changing all the time. I love working with APCT because their technology capabilities support the needs and designs that are critical to our success! Thank you APCT.”

Vexos Electronic Manufacturing Services

“The need to beat our competition to market is huge. We finally found a printed circuit board partner
that understands our needs and can consistently support the very quick lead times we must have.”

Herrick Technology Laboratories, Inc.

“New ideas and pushing the technology envelope are part of our normal environment. The ability to speak with APCT’s engineering team early in the process has saved us a substantial amount of time and money.”

Aptiv PLC

“Reliability and Quality are a must for our product. I was impressed with the systems APCT has in place to assure the quality standards we need. They are a resource that can be counted on to perform consistently.”

Hybrid Design Associates (HDA)