About APCT

APCT is a leading manufacturer of high reliability Printed Circuit Boards. We have produced a business model that has successfully differentiated us from the competition in the printed circuit board industry.



The areas of differentiation in the business model are reflected in the 4 pillars of APCT:

  1. The ability to manufacture a Broad Range of Technologies from Rigid Through-Hole, Advanced HDI, and Flex & Rigid Flex Product.
  2. The offering to deliver all technologies faster than industry standards, and the capability to deliver expedited lead times in World-Class fashion.
  3. Comprehensive Engineering Support given freely to our customers, not only enabling superior execution, but saving both time and money.
  4. Offshore Program Solutions that are completely managed by the APCT Global team from start to finish.



APCT President / CEO, Steve Robinson, has been in the printed circuit board industry since 1971. After years of working as a top executive with a large global manufacturer of PCBs, he found that the culture there did not match his own values and decided to “get back to basics.”

In 2008, he acquired Advanced Printed Circuit Technology and formed the APCT we know today. Through acquisition, APCT is now one of the largest printed circuit board manufacturers in North America.

APCT Philosophy

Technology is ever-changing. Designs of printed circuit boards continue to become more advanced each day. Steve Robinson, President / CEO of APCT has successfully created a business model that tackles the challenges of an ever-changing technology environment. “The model is simple: Be able to say “Yes” to the customer’s needs of Technology and Lead Time.” And over the course of his leadership at APCT, Steve proudly states that, “Ten consecutive years of double-digit growth validates that model.”

The steps were deliberate and painstaking. To tackle technology, Steve challenges his engineering team daily to continue to push the boundaries of advanced technology manufacturing. Through knowledge, experience, and equipment enhancements, APCT is proud to say yes to higher layer counts in Through-Hole Technology; to routinely manufacture High Density Interconnect (HDI) product, and to support Flex and Rigid Flex fabrications.

To support faster builds in all technology categories, new systems were set in place to answer the demand for expedited lead times. “Our customer’s requirements to beat their competition to market demanded the change. Certainly, running 24/7 is a must to offer consistent quick-turn capability, however, the new systems now followed give our customers consistent ‘Availability’ of expedited lead times.”

APCT is now set to execute! No matter the technology, corporate cycle times are now consistently faster than industry standards and premium quick-turn capabilities are World-Class. “The consistent and reliable execution of quick turn orders has earned the trust and loyalty of APCT’s partners,” Steve Robinson…


APCT, “Where Our People Differentiate Us From The Competition.”

The business model is sound, yet the difference maker is our people. Passion, Commitment and Trust are the characteristics that set APCT apart from our competition. With a corporate culture of Continuous Improvement; “Best in Class” Service, and detailed Engineering Support, our reputation for passion, commitment, and trust precedes us locally and throughout the world. Our Passion for what we do is necessary to deliver ultimate customer satisfaction. Our Commitment comes from fostering an environment of innovation and service to do whatever it takes to support our customer. We Trust each other through teamwork and a positive attitude, which solidifies our dependability and builds our customer’s trust in us.

You will find no better option than our dynamic and innovative team. We are relentless in our efforts to eliminate obstacles of design, price, or delivery. When your needs are critical and you require more than just a supplier, call APCT. Give us an opportunity to earn your trust and gain your loyalty.

APCT Management Team

Steve Robinson
President / CEO
Bruce McMaster
Chief Operating Officer
Eric Schmidt
Chief Technology Officer
Kimberly Johnson
Executive Vice President of Global Operations
Joe Gisch
Chief Financial Officer


APCT is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. The company features four total manufacturing sites: Santa Clara, two in Southern California and one in Wallingford, Connecticut. Currently, the company has 180,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space with over 500 employees.

APCT Santa Clara HQ

3495 De La Cruz Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone: 408.727.6442

APCT Orange County

1900 Petra Lane
Placentia, CA 92870
Phone: 714.993.0270

APCT Wallingford

340 Quinnipac St. #25
Wallingford, CT 06492
Phone: 203.269.3311

APCT Anaheim

250 E. Emerson Ave.
Orange, CA 92865
Phone: 714.921.0860

APCT Global

9210 Cameron Rd. #100
Austin, TX 78754
Phone: 203.284.1215


APCT Global Supply Chain

APCT also has a Global Supply Chain network with facilities in
Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Northern & Southern China and Hong Kong. Contact us regarding your needs.

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Insulectro | Printed Circuit Board Materials

Supplying APCT with Laminates/Prepregs – Isola resin system

Insulectro was established to provide the world’s leading manufacturers a highly efficient sales and distribution channel in the U.S. market. Insulectro currently supplies and supports the best advanced materials for Printed Circuit Board fabricators who demand speed & technology.

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Matrix | Printed Circuit Board Materials

Supplying APCT with Laminates/Prepregs – Panasonic resin systems, Drills

Matrix was established in 1977 with the objective of providing quality raw materials to the North American Printed Circuit Board industry. With over 100 associates, the Company is ready to serve its customers’ JIT requirements. The Technical Support Teams have experience in every PCB manufacturing process. Our motto is simple: “Quality Products, Dependable People.”

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IEC (International Electronic Components) | Chemistry & material for the PCB industry

Supplying APCT with Laminates/Prepregs – ITEQ resin system, Eternal Dry-film, Dow Chemicals

IEC was founded in 1966 by Jim Stone to meet the needs of the emerging Printed Circuit Board Industry. Its reputation for excellence, built over 50 years, has made IEC a leading supplier of printed circuit board chemicals, copper clad laminates, and equipment to the North American market.

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