Finding an advanced technology printed circuit board manufacturer near Saratoga isn’t difficult, but finding the right match for your needs can be challenging. The tech industry moves very quickly, and you need a partner that is passionate about working with you to craft the right design and reliable enough to meet your turnaround and delivery needs for production or development. Thankfully, APCT. is a rigid PCB manufacturer located in the heart of Silicon Valley that offers Passion, Commitment, Dedication, and more.

We find that in order to turn out the best and most consistent work, it’s important to feel Passion for what you do. This means you’ll be invested in continuous improvement, which is essential in our industry. Furthermore, we believe that any advanced technology printed circuit board manufacturer you work with in Saratoga or beyond should be Committed to “Best In Class” service, which is a goal we aspire to daily. Our Design For Manufacturability Engineers work closely with all of our clients to ensure your complex PCB design meets your exacting specifications before it even goes to production. In our experience, this is the most effective and expedient way for a rigid PCB manufacturer to operate. In order to help meet your needs, we offer a wide range of materials and specifications for standard, advanced, and developmental PCB designs, including HDI-specific designs, which are offered with as little as an industry-leading 3-5 day cycle time. All of this comes together in our Dedication to provide consistent, reliable products and delivery, ensuring you meet your own production and developmental goals.

If you’re looking to partner with an advanced technology printed circuit board manufacturer that delivers reliably to Saratoga, APCT. would love to hear from you. We operate both locally and globally, thanks to our overseas partners. To get started, call to speak with one of our DFM Engineers today.