Areospace Printed Circuit Boards Palo AltoAre you looking for a trustworthy supplier for aerospace printed circuit boards in Palo Alto? APCT is proud to announce that we can now create PCB for the military and aerospace industries. In January 2018 we acquired Cirtech, an established manufacturer for PCBs for US government and contractors located in Orange, CA. With Cirtech’s military and aerospace certifications, we are able “Say Yes!” to even more of our customers’ needs. We are happy to partner with agencies to create PCBs for the US government.

First and foremost, our priority is our customers.

Whether you’re ordering aerospace printed circuit boards in Palo Alto or Washington DC, you can count on the same standard of service across the country. APCT has made a name for ourselves in the PCB industry for offering world-class customer service. Our team in Orange is no different. With a passion for circuit board technology and decades of experience, our skilled DFM engineers will review your design to ensure it’s robust to manufacture and suited for your purposes. Our team in Orange is knowledgeable, responsive, and prepared to help you create PCB for military or aerospace purposes. You can count on us to answer highly technical questions and provide helpful feedback in a timely manner. APCT brings the human element to PCB.

In addition to first-rate customer service, APCT provides top-quality product. We have a Broad Range of Technologies available for our valued customers. This includes Mil-Spec certified Rigid, Flex, and Rigid-Flex PCB that will withstand extreme changes in temperature and pressure. The source for aerospace printed circuit boards for your Palo Alto business needs to meet the highest standards of production. Our Orange facility is AS9100D certified as well as ISO 9001 Certified. Of course, we strictly adhere to NADCAP and all applicable regulations. When you need PCB for the aerospace industry, be sure to order product from a company you can trust. Call APCT toady to order yours.