• It’s always about improving, by listening to its people and evolving embracing change.
  • It’s always about preparing, by listening to its customers and staying in front of emerging technology.
  • It’s always about reliability and predictable execution.

In 2015, APCT will invest 100% of corporate profits back into facility upgrades and new equipment to support our goals.  Specifically, that’s over $2 million invested to assure our preparation in support of our customers.

In the end, we believe the value lies in people working with people.  We don’t profess to be perfect.  But we don’t take failure very well.
In my travels visiting new and existing customers, I hear the same message every call:
“We need a supplier that we can count on to do what they say and say what they do.”
That message is loud and clear.  So when we fail, it is taken personally.

A true partner is measured not only in how they handle success, but how they handle adversity.
When adversity strikes, it’s the passion, commitment and dedication of our people, devoted to the customer’s job, that embody the definition of a true partner.

Many times I have leaned on the words of John Wooden: “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”  As President of APCT, I can assure you, we are prepared.

We are fortunate to have an amazing customer base, founded on trust and commitment.  We appreciate the opportunity we have been given and the responsibility that comes with this trust.

Thank you for our continued partnership.