Maintain the ability to say “Yes” to our customer’s needs in both technology and in lead-time… This philosophy is at the heart of our business model.

As the PCB industry continues to consolidate our customer base and demand for additional capacity continues to increase. Supporting this demand and sustaining the ability to consistently say “Yes” becomes a significant challenge. After many months of due diligence, we found a company that fortifies our commitment. The April acquisition of Tech Circuits includes 39 years of experience, a broad range of technology and robust manufacturing capabilities to support our valued customers.

Over the past few months we have made significant progress in aligning the facilities to assure a seamless transition in supporting our increased customer demand:

  1. Inside sales groups are now fully integrated
  2. DFM Engineering and Front End Engineering groups share common systems that can support both of our manufacturing sites.
  3. Quoting and booking business at both locations are now fully integrated with precision and defined procedures.

Moving forward, we would not do anything to jeopardize the trust we have worked so hard to earn. The acquisition advantage focuses on that trust. We simply want to manage your business appropriately and continue to support your technology and lead times. Having the ability to use all of our US capacity allows us the resources necessary to accomplish this task. We understand that certain site approvals may be required and we will not compromise that process. Our goal is to do our job, manage your requirements and utilize all of our capacity accordingly.

For 8 years we have worked together building a foundation of trust to support your technology and lead time. We ask for your continued trust allowing us to utilize all of our US capacity to serve you. Your support in making this possible will be critical for our success.

As always thank you for your continued understanding and support.

Best Regards,

Steve Robinson, President / CEO
APCT / Tech Circuits