Maintain the ability to say “Yes” to our customer’s needs in both technology and in lead time.

There has been no doubt since its inception that the business model APCT created was to provide value to the customer at all cost. We have remained committed to support a broad range of technologies and invested accordingly to fortify that commitment. We also recognize that offering 10-15 day standard lead-times is critical to our customer needs and we must continue to support that commitment as well…thus the recent acquisition.

As the PCB industry continues to consolidate, our customer base and demand for additional capacity continues to increase. Supporting this demand and sustaining the ability to consistently say “Yes” becomes more challenging. After many months of due diligence, we found a company that shares our vision! We found a company who has surrounded itself with employees that care. We found two companies with like synergies, both philosophically and technically; therefore, the acquisition was made.

Moving forward, we would not do anything to jeopardize the trust we have worked so hard to earn. We want to manage your business appropriately and continue to support your technology and lead times. Having the ability to use all of our US capacity allows us the resources necessary to accomplish this task. We understand that certain site approvals may be required and we will not compromise that process. Our goal is to do our job, manage your requirements and utilize all of our facilities accordingly. Your support in making this possible will be critical for our success.

As always thank you for your continued support and trust.

Best Regards,

Steve Robinson, President / CEO
APCT / Tech Circuits