Drive World

APCT, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, will be cruising over to the inaugural Drive World Expo joining with technology leaders poised to support the design and reality of a projected $120 billion-dollar industry by 2020 – next year. This is a fast innovative industry, best propelled by innovative speedy, technology partners.

Putting Technology Behind the Wheel with APCT

Silicon Valley is the undisputed leader in tech innovations; it is not only the home of APCT, but to the largest tech companies in the United States as well as thousands of startups fighting to make their offerings relevant. It only makes sense that Silicon Valley is the hotbed of autonomous car technology and testing. Which is why the Santa Clara Convention Center is hosting the Drive World Conference & Expo, giving the leaders at the forefront of automotive technology a chance to meet and discuss the future of driving. APCT is excited to announce we will be at Drive; find us at Booth 354 to discuss how we can help bring your automotive electronics and embedded systems needs to life! 

Self-Driving Cars: The Next Technology Breakthrough

Every modern car, from cutting-edge self-driving vehicles to the basic model off the lot, now has a computer. This complex system of software and connected programs can make our vehicles more responsive, efficient, and safe – when it works. As cars steadily advance in technological capabilities, and especially with the goal of having self-driving vehicles, it is critical to have the highest quality components inside. 

What’s under the Hood? 

If you’ve ever cracked open a computer out of curiosity, then you’ve seen the “guts” of modern technology. The circuit boards inside are what make your computer and cell phone run, as well as airplanes, boats, cars, and even toys! It should come as no surprise that printed circuit boards are the brains behind autonomous vehicles, giving them the ability to utilize cameras, radar, LiDAR, embedded vision systems, sensing technologies, and more to safely maneuver. That’s on top of all the normal systems a top-of-the-line vehicle has today!

The quality of these electronic components is crucial to the overall vehicle. As the vanguard of vehicle technology, autonomous automakers need to know they can rely on the printed circuit boards that serve as the backbone to the car’s computers.  APCT can serve this technologically demanding industry with superior printed circuit boards that make extremely demanding applications function with ease. 

Cruise on over for a Show Treat

APCT is headquartered in Santa Clara, the very heart of Silicon Valley. Our state-of-the-art facility and knowledgeable team have produced PCB for various industries including communications, defense, and aerospace, and our customers consistently find that we provide the best quality product, experienced DFM support, and tight quality control at every step of the process. We specifically specialize in advanced technology and innovative materials, making circuit boards that can perform reliably in the field in rugged conditions. 

Say Hello at Booth 354

We will be at the Drive World Conference and Expo from August 28-29, 2019 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. We are excited to meet the automakers at this show and discuss how APCT printed circuit boards can support their design and vision. Come by Booth 354 to meet your best-advanced technologies partner!

Cruise by for a bit of Tech-Talk & a Treatm Booth 354, in
the straight lanes!