Hello Everyone,

As you might be aware, Typhoon Hagibis caused severe water damage to Panasonic’s laminate East Plant in Koriyama, Japan.  The main products affected are the Megtron 6K and 6N.  They have no short-term recovery!  Efforts are underway to clean and bring operations back in 90 days at the East Plant.

Due to the reduction in capacity, preliminary notification from Panasonic is that there will be no direct material support from the factory at this time.  Material requirements can only be fulfilled by their US exclusive distributor Matrix USA.  Below is a summary of current products impacted:

  • MEGTRON 6K and 6N will not be available after we deplete our current stock for at least 90 days.
  • MEGTRON 7/7N will begin production at Koriyama WEST Plant around November 1, 2019
  • MEGTRON 6G is being rescheduled for the TAIWAN plant and will be the only option in the weeks to come for MEGTRON 6 products.
  • MEGTRON 6K 1027 is not available currently.
  • There are no QTA or AIR FREIGHT shipments available currently.
  • FELIOS materials are not affected by this event.

Until this is cleared up, APCT can offer material substitutions, that electrically are very similar and will provide much shorter lead times:

  • I-TERA MT40 or IT-968 would replace MEG6
  • TACHYON-100G would replace MEG7

Attached are data sheets for review if needed.  Please feel free to reach out to Paulo Avila – DFM Engineering Manager with any questions related to these alternatives.

Please be proactive and get forecasts to APCT as soon as possible with any visible demands on the Megtron products affected by the Typhoon. We will work with local distributor to secure as much material as possible to mitigate these issues.

This supply is limited and we fully expect it to be exhausted in the next 2-4 weeks. In the meantime, APCT is very competent and capable in the alternative material options mentioned above.


Steve Robinson | President / CEO

Links to the datasheets for your quick reference:

Manufacturer’s Full Data Link: Tera MT40

Manufacturer’s Full Data Link: Tachyon 100G