Best Circuit Boards Laguna

Your company deserves the best circuit boards in Laguna Beach, CA. Whether you are based in the healthcare, aerospace, defense, communications, or other technology industries, you can count on APCT for the highest standard of product and customer service. As one of the largest independently owned PCB manufacturers in the United States, we have the technological capabilities and production capacity to create all your printed circuit board prototype builds.

The best circuit boards for your Laguna Beach, CA business start with thorough design review. When you submit a PCB recipe to APCT, our experienced DFM engineers review it before production begins. This ensures that the design is robust to manufacture and flaws are fixed prior to the build, potentially saving your business the expense, hassle, and time of reprinting the prototype. This emphasis on communication and knowledge of production makes all the difference for our customers!

As one of the largest independently owned PCB manufacturers in the U.S., we have built relationships with electronics suppliers around the world. Once you have approved the NPI build and need a large-scale production order, APCT Global, our electronics supply chain management service, can place your order with one of our partners beyond U.S. borders. One of the biggest concerns with overseas manufacturing is the large order minimums, but with APCT you don’t have to worry about where you will store the excess inventory or spending all your capital up front. We can store your quality-tested PCBs in our secure, domestic warehouse and ship to you at regular intervals. The best part? You only pay for the product as it is shipped from our domestic warehouse! Working with APCT gives you the economic advantage of foreign manufacturing with the strength and stability of a domestic manufacturer. From prototype to full-scale production, count on us for the best circuit boards for your Laguna Beach, CA business.