Are you looking for the best price PCB in New England? APCT is a trusted name for advanced technology prototype printed circuit board builds. With one of our manufacturing facilities in Wallingford, CT, we have had the privilege of supplying many different businesses on the East Coast with NPI builds. When customers ask us if we can help with PCB large orders as well, we are pleased to “Say Yes!”.

With APCT Global, you can rely on the world-class customer service and quality product you’ve become accustomed to with APCT, without the hassle of working directly with offshore manufacturers. Although overseas suppliers can offer the best price PCB for your New England business, there is always the concern of quality and deadlines. We have all heard horror stories of mistaken specs and delayed product. With APCT Global, you have the peace of mind of working with a reliable PCB maker who can mitigate these risks.

Quality Overseas Production

First, we use our patented Valor Genesis System to send the PCB recipe to our overseas partners. This system precisely copies your approved design to ensure the exact board is replicated. We have APCT employees on the ground with our Asian suppliers to assist with any questions, and our experienced DFM engineers work closely with their in-house team. You can rely on APCT for high-quality printed circuit boards that meet your needs.

Another worry about sourcing the best price PCB for New England businesses is that production will get stalled or stopped. With manufacturing happening half a world away, there can be issues with delays to the process. Fortunately, APCT is capable of continuing PCB large orders at our domestic facilities. We have four manufacturing sites, over 180,000 square feet of production space, and over 450 employees to help finish your project.

APCT Global ensures you receive high-quality printed circuit boards on time. Call us to get your order started.

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