Rigid Circuit Boards Laguna Beach

Over years of experience in the industry, APCT has build a reputation for the best rigid circuit boards for Laguna Beach, CA and beyond. We offer quality boards and the fastest lead times in the industry, but what makes us stand out most of all is our people. It is our employees that show their dedication to our customers and go above and beyond. We bring the human element to printed circuit boards every day, starting with our foundation values Passion, Commitment, and Trust. It’s these words that guide our work.

Passion: To provide ultimate customer satisfaction.

Commitment: To service and execute the best printed circuits with high reliability.

Trust: To be earned by our actions.

This emphasis on people is the backbone of what we call the APCT difference and the key to the best rigid circuit boards for Laguna Beach, CA. It means we care deeply about getting the prototype build right. Our talented DFM engineers review every design before production starts to ensure it is robust to manufacture and our experienced quality assurance team closely monitors production. We don’t want to just produce boards for one NPI build; we want to be your partners in everything PCB. That’s why we work hard so that you don’t have to spend the time, money, and employee resources on reprinting the prototype.

Our assistance doesn’t end with the prototype. When you need a full-scale production order, APCT can help with that as well! Through APCT Global, our electronics supply chain management system, we offer our customers connection to the best printed circuits manufactured beyond U.S. borders. We provide total ease of use, from placing the order to checking in on production and arranging delivery, so you don’t have to worry about calling across time zones or tracking down your order. You’ll have the same internal APCT sales representative you have always had, and can rely on the same clear communication and standards of quality as always. We are your source for quality PCBs from cradle to grave. When you need the best rigid printed circuits in Laguna Beach, CA, contact APCT!