Best Rigid Circuit Boards Laguna

APCT makes the best rigid circuit boards for your Laguna Woods, CA business. How can we claim to manufacture the best printed circuits? Because we have a technological expertise, manufacturing capacity, and dedication to customer service that is unmirrored in the PCB industry!

APCT has two manufacturing facilities in Orange County. APCT Anaheim and APCT Orange County produce the best rigid circuit boards for Laguna Woods, CA companies with teams of PCB professionals that have decades of experience. Our Southern California employees have thorough knowledge of production and a focus on quality output. Throughout your order, we offer technical support and are happy to answer any questions you have, because we want to be more than merely your manufacturer for one prototype build; we want to be your partner in everything PCB. We recently invested $3 million dollars into our Orange County facilities to institute a new production shift, implement a training program, and upgrade equipment. This means that we will be able to fabricate the best printed circuits for years to come! Just another example of our customer service and emphasis on continuous improvement.

APCT ensures a smooth and fast prototype manufacturing experience. We produce the best rigid circuit boards for Laguna Woods, CA customers, as well as flex and rigid flex designs. Once the NPI build is complete, we connect your business to the cost benefits of offshore manufacturing through APCT Global. Our electronics supply chain management service places the order for you with one of our suppliers beyond U.S. borders and we handle the entire transaction. You will have the same internal APCT sales representative you’ve always had, and we’ll worry about placing the order, monitoring production, arranging delivery, and quality testing in our domestic facility. We offer total ease-of-use! From prototype to production, you can count on APCT to make your PCB manufacturing seamless. Contact us today to start your order.