APCT is your source for circuit board in Huntington Beach, CA. We have made a name for ourselves as a reliable manufacturer in PCB. Our team of experts are focused on creating boards that meet the highest standards of performance and quality. Our in-house DFM engineers review every PCB design and our quality assurance team carefully monitors production. The result? Quality boards every time.

Once your prototype boards have been produced by our domestic facilities and approved by your business, your business may need a full-scale production order. The best part about working with APCT as a circuit board manufacturer for your Huntington Beach, CA business? In addition to providing fast, quality PCB board prototype, we also connect our customers to low cost overseas product through APCT GLOBAL. We have partnered with suppliers in Asia to bring our customers low priced printed circuit board orders without the typical concerns of offshore manufacturing. APCT has inspected each manufacturing partner to ensure their facilities and product meet our high standards, and we have employees on the ground to work directly with the suppliers. We handle all coordination with the supplier, so you never have to worry about making a cross-country phone call or tracking down your order.

With overseas manufacturing, one common worry is stalled production. APCT mitigates this risk because we have our own domestic manufacturing facilities – including two in Orange County! If there are any issues with delayed or stopped production, our domestic production sites can complete your order. Your business gets the economic advantage of overseas manufacturing with the reliability and strength of a domestic manufacturer. We provide the PCB expertise, knowledge of production, and stability of an $85 million dollar company’s buying power. Who better to manage your Offshore Programs than printed circuit board experts! We offer total support from the original prototype design and production to securing low cost, quality boards for large-scale printed circuit board orders. Contact us today for circuit board for your Huntington Beach, CA business!