APCT provides circuit prototyping for Fountain Valley, CA businesses and beyond. After years of experience in the industry, we have become known as the go-to manufacturer for advanced technology prototype circuit board and the best customer service. For us, quality product and quality support are one and the same.

We were founded by Steve Robinson, who has been in the PCB industry since 1971. He stated APCT to be the human element in the business. What does that mean? We focus on the needs of our customers by open communication with them prior to the build and then have that same commitment within our organization to communicate openly during the build, all to ensure a quality product on time to you, our valued customer.  This emphasis on people makes all the difference at APCT! It begins when you submit the circuit prototyping design for your Fountain Valley, CA business. Our talented DFM engineers review the printed circuit board prototype recipe to check that it is robust to manufacture. Any flaws in the prototype circuit board design can be fixed then, before production begins. It is faster, cheaper, and easier to change the design before the initial fabrication rather than face a re-print. This is just one way we offer added value to our customers.

Another way we provide value is with continuous customer support throughout the ordering and production process. We offer our technical expertise, answer questions, give production updates, and open communication from first order to final delivery. This dedication to our customers is at the core of our work and can be seen in everything we do. We are more than just a circuit prototyping manufacturer for your Fountain Valley, CA business; we are a partner in everything PCB. We review the PCB design, we quickly fabricate the product to be ready for PCB assembly faster, and we remain your partner for the whole process. Contact us to order your printed circuit boards today.