Circuit Prototyping La Palma

If you need circuit prototyping in La Palma, CA, contact the experts! APCT is well-known in the PCB industry for providing fast, high-quality prototype circuit board with the best customer service. We are dedicated to bringing the human element to printed circuit boards. What does that mean? That we put our customers and employees first. This dedication to people makes all the difference!

Steve Robinson, our founder, started APCT with three guiding principles: Passion, Commitment, and Trust. These values can be seen in all our work today.  We are focused on your business needs and success. Our employees live the words:

Passion: To provide ultimate customer satisfaction.

Commitment: To service and execute with high reliability.

Trust: To be earned by our actions.

When you work with us for circuit prototyping in La Palma, CA, you can count on clear communication and technical expertise. We begin by reviewing the design for your NPI build to ensure it is robust to manufacture. Our DFM engineers work with your in-house engineering team to fix any flaws before production begins. This extra step can save your business the hassle, expense, and time of fabricating another prototype circuit board. We focus on the needs of our customers by open communication with them prior to the build and then have that same commitment within our organization to communicate openly during the build, all to ensure a quality product on time to you or directly to your PCB assembly house. This emphasis on the human element makes APCT unique in our field!

If you need printed circuit board prototype, APCT has the technical capabilities and capacity to get the job done quickly. Our Southern California facilities offer rigid, flex, and rigid flex circuit prototype for La Palma, CA businesses. Once your prototype build is completed and you need a larger order, you can talk to our APCT Global team about low cost overseas solutions – APCT will manage the electronics supply chain and ensure that you receive high quality product every time. From prototyping to scaling, APCT is more than a supplier. We are a partner in everything PCB.