When you need circuit prototyping in a hurry in Ladera Ranch, CA, you don’t have to look very far. In fact, you don’t even have to look beyond Orange County. APCT is one of the largest independently owned PCB manufacturers in the United States, with over 450 employees, 4 production facilities, and over 180,000 square feet of production space. Two of the production facilities are in Orange County, allowing us to offer enhanced regional support and a broad range of technologies for our Southern Californian customers. We offer high-quality fast circuit prototype for businesses in the healthcare, communications, defense, aerospace, and other industries.

Why do businesses turn to APCT for circuit prototyping in Ladera Ranch, CA? Because we offer fast circuit prototype and world-class customer service. We have invested $3 million dollars into our APCT Orange and APCT Anaheim facilities to add a production shift, institute a training program for new employees, and upgrade equipment. This means a faster, better experience for our customers for years to come! We provide excellent technical support on every order and industry-best lead times, which allows your business to work with compressed schedules and to rely on top-quality boards.

Not only do we offer circuit prototyping for Ladera Ranch, CA businesses, but we also connect our customers to large-scale production orders built by our suppliers beyond U.S. borders.  Once our domestic facility has created the prototype circuit board and your business needs a large-scale production order, APCT can handle placing and overseeing an order with a foreign manufacturer. Your company gets the economic benefit of receiving product from a supplier beyond U.S. borders with the advantage of working with a reliable domestic manufacturer. If anything goes wrong during production, one of our fabrication facilities can take over the rest of the order. Enjoy the low cost of offshore PCB without the anxiety of delayed product. Rely on APCT for your printed circuit board needs from cradle to grave.