Circuit Prototyping Laguna Niguel

Frantically trying to research circuit prototyping facilities near Laguna Miguel, CA? Worried you won’t be able to find a prototype circuit board manufacturer in time to meet your deadline? Don’t worry, APCT has not one but two manufacturing facilities in Orange County that can help with you next NPI build!

APCT Anaheim and APCT Orange County are newly upgraded circuit prototyping facilities serving Laguna Niguel, CA and the surrounding areas. Our experienced teams have decades of experience in creating the highest standard of PCB for leaders in the communications, healthcare, defense, and aerospace industries. Whatever the final application of your prototype circuit board is, we will ensure that it performs as needed. Whether it’s withstanding changes in temperature, drops in pressure, rugged conditions, or other variables, our thorough DFM review prior to production and strict quality assurance during the build results in a first-rate product!

Once the circuit prototyping for your Laguna Niguel, CA business is finalized, you may wish to continue with a large production order. APCT Global can connect you with low-cost printed circuit boards while retaining the ease of use of working with a domestic manufacturer. We will place the order, monitor production, keep you updated, quality test every batch of foreign PCB, and drop ship to your business. APCT Global offers total ease of use; you will communicate with your same APCT internal sales representative while we communicate with the supplier. We can also keep the excess inventory securely in our domestic warehouse and drop ship to you on a monthly or bimonthly basis. The best part? We only charge you for the PCB once it ships from our domestic warehouse! Enjoy the benefits of production beyond U.S. borders with the reliability and convenience of working a domestic manufacturer. APCT says, “Yes!” to our customers’ needs from prototype to global procurement.