APCT can help with complex circuit board manufacturing for your Huntington Beach, CA business. We have the technical expertise as well as the cutting-edge manufacturing facility and equipment to make sure that all boards are fabricated according to the highest standards. In addition to quality, you can count on the best customer service in the industry.

We do not offer PCB development. However, when you submit a complex circuit board design for manufacturing, our in-house DFM engineers will review it to ensure it is robust to manufacture. We offer this added step on every circuit board recipe as an added value to our customers, since our technical expertise can save the hassle, expense, and time of second production if there is a flaw in the design. We can work directly with your team that completed the PCB development to fix any issues before fabrication begins. This is just one way that we are more than your complex circuit board manufacturer in Huntington Beach, CA; we are your partner in everything PCB.

In addition to our talented DFM engineers, we have an entire crew of printed circuit board professionals. Our quality assurance team carefully monitors production of your boards on our state-of-the-art equipment and tests every batch. You can count on an exact fabrication of the design and quality product that will stand up to every performance test. When you work with a crew of experts, you receive top-notch boards. Throughout the process, we are happy to answer any technical questions you may have, offer updates on production, and provide solutions for business problems. We put the emphasis on our employees and our customers, and this human-centered approach makes us unique in the electronic components manufacturing field. Experience the APCT difference. Contact us today to start the complex circuit board order for your Huntington Beach, CA business.