Your business has a complex circuit board design in Union City, CA. You have been working hard with a PCB development team in Silicon Valley and now need to fabricate a prototype build. What manufacturer can you trust to produce quality advanced technology boards?

APCT is a printed circuit board manufacturer headquartered in Santa Clara. We work with various industries, including healthcare, defense, communications, and aerospace, to produce electronic components that meet precise specifications and perform beautifully. It doesn’t matter whether your electronics are controlling a life-saving machine or guiding a military helicopter; they just have to work. That’s why we offer thorough complex circuit board design review. Our experienced DFM engineers review every PCB recipe to ensure it is robust to manufacture. If there any issues, we can work with your PCB development team to fix them before the first production run. This saves you from having to fabricate a second order to fix those issues. We take this extra step because we want to save our customers time, money, and hassle. We also do it because we don’t just want to be a manufacturer for one complex circuit board order for your Union City, CA business. We want to be a partner in all things PCB.

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In addition to PCB design review, you can also count on us for tight quality control during printing and world-class customer service. Our talented team watches production closely to ensure everything is going smoothly. We have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to offer a wide range of capabilities using different materials. Our team oversees production, and tests every batch. Throughout the process, you can count on your sales representative to keep you updated and our helpful technical support to answer any questions. If you need complex circuit board in Union City, CA, talk to your local experts at APCT.