You can find many uses for a complex technology PCB in Mountain View CA, and there are a number of local factories producing components that will work for you. However, when you need a new complex technology printed circuit board manufacturer that offers a passionate team, a dedication to “Best In Class” service, and industry leading cycle times, you’ll want to work with APCT Our commitment to continuous improvement and responsiveness shows through in every PCB we fabricate.

As mobile, touch screen, and 4G technology continue to advance at unprecedented rates, component manufacturers must keep up in order to remain relevant. That’s why we work constantly to improve our PCBs, particularly our HDI designs. Not only do HDI complex technology PCBs incorporate more connectivity in less area by using laser microvias, thinner materials, and fine lines, they can also be fabricated and industry leading cycle times — our average is 2-5 days. Our factory is located in Santa Clara, right in the heart of Silicon Valley, which means the responsiveness and accessibility to Mountain View is at a premium. When you need an order for a large production run or you need a developmental PCB quickly to complete a new design, we’re the complex technology printed circuit board manufacturer that will never let you down. When you partner with us, you’ll always know you’re receiving a reliable, high performance product.

Whether you’re looking for standard, advanced, or developmental rigid PCBs, you can count on our team to get you exactly what you need. For more information about our complex technology PCB designs and the turnaround time for delivery to your Mountain View business, contact one of our DFM Engineers today.