Consumer-Driven Complex Technology PCBs

Printed circuit boards are the foundation of the electronics industry. Virtually every electronic device contains a PCB, including computers, phones, televisions, and microwaves. The vias-in-pad technique supports expanded technology on fewer layers, proving that smaller can be better. Working from home and mobile computing has pushed manufacturers of complex technology PCB in San Francisco further to produce faster and lighter computers, allowing consumers to work remotely from anywhere.

HDI Complex Technology PCB

HDI technology is the principal basis for these transformations. Products weigh less, are physically smaller, and function better. Specialty equipment, thinner materials, and mini-components have allowed for electronics to decrease in size while expanding speed, quality, and technology. By using HDI technology, designers can place more components on the PCB.

Cost-Effective Benefits

With advancements in PCB, microelectronics, and complex systems integration, a wide range of solutions offer operational excellence. Manufacturers work to implement supply chains to meet each customer’s needs, providing speed and flexibility to satisfy deadline demands.

Although the microvia process raises the price of the HDI PCB, the reduction in layer count and proper design reduces overall costs in material square inches significantly. Applying HDI technology throughout the design process enables reduction of an eight-layer PCB to a four-layer HDI PCB. Other cost-effective benefits include:

  • Large panel capability
  • Full range of surface finishes
  • Significant cycle time reductions
  • Embedded capacitance and resistance
  • Quick turnaround for PCB fabrications
  • Wide variety of materials from trusted suppliers

Decreased pitch and component size support added I/O in smaller geometries. This means a significant reduction in signal loss and crossing delays and high-speed transmission of signals.

Product design, microprocessor and component scaling, increased thermal performance, and system speed requirements are driving improvements in complex technology PCB in San Francisco every day. APCT is the leading complex technology printed circuit board manufacturer, with partnerships offshore in Northern and Southern China and Taiwan, providing customers with solutions, no matter their PCB needs.

Finding the right complex technology PCB manufacturer is important for San Francisco Bay Area tech businesses. Advanced rigid PCB designs offer better functionality in less space, which is especially necessary as mobile and 4G devices continue to evolve at a breakneck pace. Between Silicon Valley and the technology-rich companies of San Francisco, Oakland, San Rafael, and beyond, it’s more important than ever before to partner with a reliable complex technology printed circuit board manufacturer in order to stay relevant and competitive.

At APCT, we foster an environment of continuous improvement in order to provide our customers with the standard, advanced, and developmental complex technology PCB designs they need to keep their San Francisco Bay Area businesses ahead of the curve. We do this through our internal philosophy of Passion, Commitment, and Dedication — maintaining Passion for what you do in order to create innovative products and processes, showing a Commitment to “Best In Class” service to ensure every customer is treated as a partner throughout design and fabrication, and promising Dedication to producing consistent products and reliable turnaround times. All of our complex technology printed circuit board designs are created by our DFM Engineers with regular input from our customers. With a wide range of materials and specifications to choose from, you’ll always get exactly what you need, designed to suit your requirements before it goes to production. Whether you’re ordering in low or high volumes, you’ll reap benefits by working with APCT.

Our main factory is conveniently located in Santa Clara, allowing us to deliver complex technology PCBs reliably and quickly throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have production facilities overseas, our international partners will provide the service you need. When you’re ready to get started, please contact one of our DFM Engineers. We look forward to taking your call!