Providing Solutions for Computing, Networking & Storage Industries

Producing high reliability, advanced technology at the highest performance levels with zero tolerance for equipment failures. APCT stands behind its product.

Information Used to Guide Future Decisions


Expected global revenue of Computing, Networking & Storage Industries

A systems approach in operations is followed to achieve repeatability and consistency in production


Forecasted growth in the Computing, Networking & Storage Industries

APCT possesses the advanced technology capability to support the growth

10X Growth

Cloud computing market analysis projects substantial growth shortly

The APCT engineering department is thorough in its review of new designs in order to execute a quality product

APCT is quite aware of the anxieties associated with timelines, technological requirements, and cost concerns in the Computing, Networking & Storage Industry.

APCT’s advanced technology capabilities, supported by our multiple partners offshore securing a cost-effective solution, answer these concerns.


The 4 Reasons to Choose APCT

Technology Expertise from Standard to Advanced, from Rigid to Flex & Rigid Flex;
Cycle Times that are World Class; Engineering Support complete and detailed;
and Offshore Manufacturing partners offering cost-effective solutions.


Cycle Times

Engineering Support

Offshore Manufacturing


“We know that technology is ever-changing. In supporting the Defense & Aerospace industry for years, we need to partner with suppliers that push the envelope of technology as we do. APCT is an outstanding partner to Mercury. Their technology, flexibility and engineering team is Best in Class.”

Mercury Systems


“Consistent Quick Turn capability and capacity is one of the major reasons we chose APCT as a supplier. We must beat our competition to market and APCT supports that mission by turning our requests quickly and reliably.”

QC Graphics, Inc.


“APCT Engineering produces thorough DFMs that go through every aspect of a design with thoughtful commentary and suggestions that help us improve our design and avoid future problems, all while demonstrating quick communication and strong character.”

Elbit Systems of America, LLC

Acuity Brands_black

“Being competitive in the marketplace is more important than ever. Having APCT not only find a solution for us offshore, but to manage the entire process, has saved our company so much time and effort! We’re very grateful.”

Acuity Brands, Inc.


Our capabilities

Panel Sizes12 x 18, 18 x 24, 21 x 2420 x 2621 x 27
Rigid Layer Counts2 – 2830 – 3840 +
Flex Layer Counts2 – 68 – 1012 +
Rigid Flex Layer Counts4 – 1416 – 2426 +
Internal Trace & Space.003″.002″.0015″
External Trace & Space.003″.002″.0015″
Minimum Via Pad.015″.010″.008″
Impedance Tolerance+/-10%+/-5%+/- <5%
Aspect Ratios10:114:118:1
Minimum Cu Clearance to Hole.008″.006″.004″
Sequential Lamination3x Lam Cycles5x Lam Cycles7x Lam Cycles

Is standard, what we manufacture routinely.

May require special process attention or additional quality control steps.

Requires intimate engineering analysis.

Theses certifications show APCT’s commitment to quality

Performance Standards for Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing for Defense & Aerospace and Commercial Markets
ISO 9001 Certified

(The international standard requirements for QMS)

MIL-PRF-31032 Certified

(Printed Circuit Board/Printed Wiring Board, General Specification For)

AS9100D Certified

(Including the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG))

IPC 6012 Class 3 & 3A

(Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards)

MIL-P-55110 Certified

(Printed Wiring Board, General Specification For)


(Qualification and Performance Specification for Flexible/Rigid-Flexible)

MIL-P-50884 Certified

(Printed Wiring Board, Flexible or Rigid-Flex
General Specification For)

ITAR Registered

(The International Traffic in Arms Regulations)

In our business space, technology is changing all the time. I love working with APCT because their technology capabilities support the needs and designs that are critical to our success! Thank you APCT.”

Vexos Electronic Manufacturing Services