APCT continues to be a leading manufacturer of High Reliability Printed Circuit Boards. APCT now has 4 manufacturing sites: Santa Clara, our headquarters located in the heart of the Silicon Valley; 2 facilities in Southern California and 1 on the east coast in Wallingford, Connecticut.  At this time, the company is viewed as over $95 Million; 180,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space with over 480 employees, making APCT one of the largest privately held printed circuit board manufacturers in North America.

APCT manufactures a Broad Range of Technologies, which include higher layer counts in through-hole technology; the manufacturing of High Density Interconnect (HDI) product; and the manufacturing of flex and rigid-flex builds as well.  Most quality and manufacturing certifications are present along with certifications specific to the Defense & Aerospace industries.

Reduced Cycle Times continue to be a point of emphasis within the organization.  We are proud to offer standard lead times that are consistently faster than industry standards; and our premium cycle times are of World Class caliber. The consistent and reliable execution of quick turn orders has earned the trust and loyalty of APCT’s valued partners.

It is the people that continue to differentiate APCT from the competition.  Passion, Commitment & Trust remain the pillars at APCT and form the foundation of our reputation in the industry.  The Mission Statement of APCT reads:  “It is with unwavering determination that we hold each other accountable in our daily pursuit of Passion to provide ultimate customer satisfaction; Commitment to service & execute with high reliability; and Trust to be earned by our actions.”  This mission is lived every day.