Do you need custom PCB in Fountain Valley, CA? APCT is the go-to source for PCB printing! We are one of the largest independently owned printed circuit board manufacturers and well-known name for reliability in the industry. We have two manufacturing facilities in Orange County and can offer your business expert fabrication assistance and regional support. If you want top-quality product and a true partner in printed circuit boards, you need APCT.

How does APCT help our customers create custom PCB in Fountain Valley, CA? We are experienced printed circuit board professionals. Once your business submits a design to APCT, our knowledgeable Design For Manufacturability engineers review it before production. Not all PCB printing manufacturers offer this extra step, but we find it crucial to ensure you receive a high-quality product. Our engineers check the PCB recipe to make sure it is robust to manufacture. They send any issues back to your business and work with in-house engineering team to fix flaws before the first print. This saves your business from the hassle, expense, and time of a second production and ensures the quality of your custom circuit board.

Once the custom PCB design for your Fountain Valley, CA is ready for production, you can trust the team of experts at APCT. We have continually reinvested in our company to offer you the highest quality service and circuit boards. This includes upgrading equipment to offer a broad range of technologies and capabilities, continuous training, and a mentorship program for new employees. You can rely on our rigorous process for quality control and speed. Of course, throughout the process your internal sales representative can keep you updated on production and answer any questions you may have. For top-notch technical support and quality PCB, all you have to do is contact APCT!