Custom PCB is the standard in San Francisco, CA. For every project, your tech business will need a new custom circuit board. But where can you go to print all this custom PCB? Fortunately, there is a world-class printed circuit board manufacturer located in nearby Silicon Valley. APCT, headquartered in Santa Clara, is the trusted supplier for many mobile and computing businesses in the Bay Area. What makes us different? We don’t just want to be your manufacturer.

We want to be your PCB partner.

The difference between merely a manufacturer and a partner is the excellent standard of customer service and support we hold ourselves to. We offer value to every part of the custom PCB process for your San Francisco, CA business. For example, we review every custom circuit board design when it comes to us to ensure that it is robust to manufacture. If the board won’t perform as you need it to, you would have to change the design and pay for another batch to be produced. Our experienced DFM engineers check every design, which saves you money and the hassle of an incorrect board being printed.

We also keep you updated on when you can expect the custom PCB to be shipped to your San Francisco, CA business. APCT offers the fastest lead times in the industry; if you want a small batch of complex PCB printed, we are the best option! We offer unparalleled lead times:

This speed allows you to meet tight deadlines, complete projects faster, and move on to the next big thing. Call (408) 727-6442 to begin your order today.