At APCT, we have risked our entire business strategy on the belief that superior customer service is an actual and literal, business advantage and difference maker.  By looking at our growth over the years, that belief is holding true!

What consistently drives our commitment to “Best in Class” customer service is our understanding of what creates long lasting business relationships.  Companies by and large in this industry will have the same equipment sets in their facilities.  The differentiators are the people.  People make the relationships and it starts with customer service.

We understand that by placing an order with APCT, you in fact, are entrusting us with your reputation.  If we deliver, the business relationship grows & flourishes; if we don’t deliver, the negative impact shifts to being personal.  We understand the preciousness of reputation and we acknowledge the fragility of trust in a relationship as well.

Trust is one of the 3 pillars of APCT.  It is why we take customer service so seriously.   Superior customer service is the foundation of building trust and is the reason why it is the cornerstone of our business model.   If we earn your trust daily, we know your loyalty will follow.  Therefore, our approach to customer service is to recognize that we can be more than just order takers and quote responders, we can be true partners.

At APCT, the foundation of trust is supported by 3 teams:

  1. Our Customer Service Support Team:
  2. Our Inside Sales Support Team:
  3. Our Engineering Support Team:

No matter who answers the first call, these teams will serve you fully, for they have come to know the importance of “customer service.”