Defense Contractor for PCBs Orange CountyAre you looking for a defense contractor for PCBs in Orange County? APCT is happy to announce that we can now produce military printed circuit boards for your next defense project. Our facility in Orange, California has the experienced team and required certifications to manufacture military and aerospace PCB that meet the highest standards. It’s not just our quality product you can rely on; our entire organization is focused on providing world-class customer service to each and every client.

New Technologies, Same Values

APCT is built on Passion, Trust, and Commitment. We have a passion for high-quality PCB emerging technologies. That’s why we invest in advanced technology as well as rigid-flex and flex PCB. We have a commitment to our customers to deliver top-quality product when they need it. You can rely on us for tight quality control, quick lead times, and on-time delivery. Throughout the process, you can call our customer service or technical support at any time. These kinds of business practices build trust. We have made a name for ourselves in the PCB industry as a reliable, fast manufacturer. With our acquisition of Cirtech in January 2018, we now are a defense contractor for PCBs with a facility in Orange County. Our acquisition has expanded our technological capabilities and given us the necessary certifications to work with defense and aerospace firms.

We are MIL-P-55110 certified and now MIL-PRF-31032 certified. Naturally, we follow all applicable regulations to ensure that our product meets the highest standards. We produce rigid, rigid-flex, and flex military printed circuit boards for our valued customers. In addition, we have the regional support and company procedures in place to offer the best customer service in the industry. When you need a defense contractor for PCBs in Orange County, turn towards a manufacturer you can trust. Contact APCT today to order yours.