A Corporate Culture of accuracy, knowledge, and quality will lead to the reliable manufacturing of the robust designs of the future.

Design Overview

Design at APCT is viewed as a “Value Add” to our customer base only. The reliability of a PCB can always be traced to its design. APCT is not alone in always encouraging our customers to have us involved early in design strategy. We are now proud to offer design services that will support superior execution in fabrication.

Design Industries Served

  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Computing & Networking
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial / Automotive
  • Medical

Design Layout Services

  • High Density Interconnect (HDI)

As PCB form factors decrease and functionality increases, the result is a very dense packaging challenge that often must incorporate blind and buried vias, laser microvias, via-in-pad and complex stack-ups. The potential for electromagnetic interference (EMI) impacting design performance is high.

At the APCT Design Center, our designers have strong working knowledge of EMI principles and work closely with product engineers to ensure that packaging complexity does not translate to issues in signal or power integrity.

  • Signal/Power Integrity Design

There is more than one way to layout a PCB. However, there may only be one way that meets a design team’s goal for price and performance. Working with a layout team that provides a range of options, ensures the best layout and fabrication

  • Dense High-Speed Digital

As data rates increase, so does the need for transmission speed. This can drive signal integrity quality issues such as crosstalk, reflection, and signal loss. Products incorporating dense high-speed digital circuitry normally have rapid product development cycles. The need for experienced designers is critical.

At the APCT Design Center, our designers have significant experience dealing with the common challenges inherent in this technology.

  • RF and Rigid Flex

Normally, products that use RF technology also use rigid flex circuitry. From a design standpoint, that drives a host of challenges in the stack-up. Bend areas must be designed to minimize stress on component solder joints, while considering the signal integrity implications of a design that bends.

At the APCT Design Center, our designers address these challenges with a combination of adherence to the most current industry- standard design rules and the expertise developed over decades of design experience.

Design Platforms Include

  • Altium Designer / PDN
  • Allegro
  • Xpedition PCB

Schematic Capture Include

  • Altium Schematic
  • ORCAD Capture
  • PADS Logic
  • xDX Designer