APCT’s core competency is our Design for Manufacturability Expertise

The core competency of the company is detailed engineering support enabling superior execution.  Therefore, our first course of action is to pair our highly skilled DFM engineers with your own product development staff or PCB designers in order to support the implementation of a design that is both cost effective and highly reliable. We find that this early level of support will result in benefits ranging from increased development success to reduced cycle times and improved product yields. By involving the APCT Engineering team from the start, you’ll save your company both time and money.

Design for Manufacturability
We have found this strategy extremely helpful, not only in through-hole technology, but in the technology of HDI products, as well. By combining the designer’s vision with APCT’s experience and knowledge of printed circuit board manufacturing, stack-ups of various solutions have emerged prior to the build that have given both partners confidence in the outcome of a high reliability product.

Our design capabilities involve a full suite of services. Our team is invested in continuous improvement of our PCBs, which is why we are meticulous in developing new technologies, as well as review and analysis of everything we create. We regularly review material selections, process capabilities, and finish requirements to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of the latest rigid PCB and HDI technologies. We also incorporate pre ECO design review and comprehensive tooling reviews of our manufacturing capabilities. In addition, we work toward maximizing our array for assembly and optimizing our panel utilization, as well as impedance calculation (single ended, horizontal differential, and broadside differential). You can always expect a highly knowledgeable staff and field support from our central corporate contacts.

To forge a beneficial partnership with an industry leader, please contact us today.