Customer service is not relegated to only those who quote and expedite.  We know that if we can save the customer a reiteration or two; a tremendous amount of time and money can be saved.  To that end, our DFM support team is one of the best in the industry.

We profess that our core competency is detailed engineering support enabling superior execution.  Our team approach to customer service is giving of our expertise in the hopes of helping the engineer and enhancing the design. That’s why our first action item is a comprehensive review of the design.  With our interaction with the engineer, our findings may determine that a design & manufacturing alternative may lead to a more reliable product and ultimately would be more cost effective. 

We continually ask our customers and prospects to get us involved early in a design.  Our business partners don’t need an appointment or a purchase order to contact one of our DFM engineers.  We urge you to call at any time to have your concerns answered promptly. We want to help.  It’s who we are.  One of our 3 pillars is Passion: the ability to deliver ultimate customer satisfaction. That passion starts upfront.

Quite frankly, we hesitate to ever say the words “no bid.” We would rather ask questions to come up with design & manufacturing alternatives that would lead to a more reliable product and ultimately would be more cost effective.  Our track record has demonstrated that we have the ability to improve the reliability and productivity of our client’s boards.  This ability to make your life easier and to potentially improve your product is not only an opportunity for you; it is an advantage and differentiator for us. 

Engage our DFM team and experience the difference!

Our Engineering Support Team: