Do you want a printed circuit board manufacturer who can create epoxy product? ACPT offers a range of materials including epoxy, polyimide, and hydrocarbon for PCBs. As an experienced and respected manufacturer in the business, we understand that technology moves at lightning speed. We always stay on the cutting edge of new techniques and materials and know what an asset flexibility, reliability, and innovation are to our customers. That’s why we assist our customers with high-tech PCB designs, a range of materials, and continually upgrade our equipment.

You can count on us to say “Yes!” to your needs.

From our inception, APCT has worked hard to stay on the forefront of emerging technologies. When Isola needed a PCB house to test and verify the ability of their new high-speed material sets of I-Tera MT and I-Speed, they turned to us. In 2014, we partnered with Isola to become the first candidate to be accepted in their new certification program. This is one example of passion for technology and commitment to our customers. We offer a range of solutions including top-quality emerging materials including epoxy and polyimide, with exceptional electrical performance, dependable thermal properties, and very robust manufacturing capabilities.

Whether your company needs a cutting-edge material set or standard FR-4 product, you can rely on APCT for Passion, Commitment, and Trust. We have a Passion for circuit board technology and the future of this industry. We have a Commitment to saying “Yes!” to our customers and helping achieve your business goals. Through our years in the industry, world-class customer service, and high performing boards, we have built trust with our customers. We aren’t just a printed circuit board manufacturer. We want to be your partner in all things PCB. Call us today at (408) 727-6442 to start your order.