Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards BostonReady to experience world-class, fast PCB fabrication in Boston, MA? APCT, one of the leading advanced technology PCB manufacturers, is here to help you achieve your technology goals.

That’s Where APCT Comes In

Industry standard lead times of three weeks or longer are a thing of the past. With our investment into cutting-edge manufacturing methods, high quality materials, and our passionate engineering team, the PCB standard lead times in our facility are 10 days, with quick turn capabilities:

  • 24 hours for 2-10 layers
  • 48 hours on 12-24 layers
  • 3-5 days on HDI technology work

This makes us one of the fastest PCB fabrication manufacturers in Boston, MA.

We don’t just produce printed circuit boards quickly – we want to be your ally in providing you with technology solutions. That means going above and beyond providing you a quality product. APCT strives to not only constantly improve and innovate our methods in advanced technology PCB manufacture, but consistently provide customer and technical service that exceeds our client expectations. The innovative drive and unparalleled expertise of our engineering team give us the edge in providing our clients with elite customer satisfaction, as well as constantly finding new methodologies and solutions to help us stay on top of this constantly evolving industry.

Get started with us today, and involve our engineering and elite customer service teams from the ground floor of your next project. Contact us online, or call us at (203) 269-3311. Don’t compromise – get the highest quality, fastest PCB fabrication in Boston, MA and the best technical and customer service to see why APCT’s commitment to excellence sets us apart from the rest.