Fast PCB Fabrication Melbourne FLDoes your business depend upon fast PCB fabrication Melbourne FL to stay profitable and innovative?  APCT is a leading provider of rigid PCB’s (printed circuit boards).  We pride ourselves on quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service.  As a United States based manufacturing firm, we consider our clients to be our teammates as well in staying on the cutting edge of technology.  We are proud to be a respected fast sequential lamination manufacturer.

Staying on Top Since 1971

APCT understands that staying on top of constantly improving technology is a vital part of serving our valued clients.  We are proud of our record of exceptional quality and service, but that does not mean we are complacent.  Our past accomplishments mean nothing if we do not stay on the cutting edge of our industry.  This is why we live by our reputation, but also by the slogan “continuous improvement”.  We are always striving to do more, better, and in a more cost effective way.

You cannot improve without investment, so we continually invest in our equipment, our technology, and our valued employees.  We will never be penny wise and pound foolish; at APCT we know that staying current with our industry requires a commitment to improvement.  We pride ourselves on providing fast PCB fabrication services with cutting edge technology to clients worldwide including Melbourne FL.

APCT is a fast sequential lamination manufacturer partly because we make our products here in the United States. We maintain two full service manufacturing, distribution, and customer service centers.  APCT Santa Clara operates from 3495 De La Cruz Boulevard in Santa Clara, California, as well as APCT Wallingford located at 340 Quinnipiac Street #25 in Wallingford, Connecticut.  Maintaining these two locations allows us to serve our customers quickly without sacrificing quality.  Contact us today to see how our fast PCB fabrication services can help your Melbourne FL business maximize profits.