When you need fast PCB fabrication for your Saratoga production facility, APCT, Inc. is the company to contact. Not only are we located locally in Santa Clara, we offer printed circuit boards customized to your needs from a variety of materials and specifications. In addition, we employ a Design For Manufacturability approach, which means we work with you from the start to ensure your PCB design meets your exact requirements before it your order even goes to production. This not only ensures a consistent product, it also reduces hiccups and regrouping during the fabrication process.

In our industry, technology moves fast and ideas move faster. It’s why we operate under a company philosophy of continuous improvement, showcasing our Passion through our eternal quest for improvement. This results in superior printed circuit boards that can be fabricated quickly, allowing you to plan your timelines appropriately without worrying about the reliability of your provider. Our Commitment to “Best In Class” service means our engineers work with you directly, trading information and designs until everything’s just right. We’re responsive, transparent, and communicative. This allows us to show our Dedication to providing reliable and fast PCB fabrication and delivery to Saratoga and throughout Silicon Valley. We also operate globally, working with overseas partners to help our clients with production needs throughout Asia. Whether you need high or low-volume orders, we’ll partner with you to provide standard, advanced, and developmental PCBs, including HDI-specific designs, with industry-leading cycle times.

If you’re looking for fast PCB fabrication for your Saratoga production or developmental facility, please reach out to us with questions anytime. Our DFM Engineers will make time to take your call and discuss your options with you.