Fast Rigid PCB New YorkFast rigid PCB manufacturing for your New York business is right here. At APCT, we’re complex technology PCB experts ready to assist your project at every step of the way, from initial design guidance and consultation, to industry-leading standard fabrication lead times.  Our standard lead time is 10 days, compared to the industry average of three weeks or more, with quick turn capabilities of 24 hours for 2-10 layers; 48 hours on 12-24 layers and only three to five days on HDI technology work.  We’re the perfect combination of expertise, knowledge, passion, and – most importantly – excellent customer service.

We strive to constantly innovate new methodologies and construction methods. This commitment to constantly adapt to this always-dynamic industry has not only made us one of the fastest rigid PCB fabrication facilities in the New York, NY area, but also allowed us to become a superior sequential lamination manufacturer. By using only high-quality materials, possessing the most recent fabrication advances, and a close attention to detail, our complex technology PCB manufacturing processes produce a product quickly and accurately. Involve our knowledgeable engineering team from the start of your project to assist your designers. You’ll not only have an incredible pool of experience and knowledge to add to your project, but you’ll also be able to take full advantage of everything our facilities have to offer.

See the difference with a fast rigid PCB manufacturer in New York that’s fully committed to your project’s success. We have the tools, the people, and the drive to assist you with your project from start to finish. Use our online form to contact us today, or call us at (203) 269-3311. Expect great customer service, fantastic technical support, and an amazing product from APCT.