Are you looking for a flexible PCB manufacturer in Fountain Valley, CA? You’re in luck! There is a flex PCB manufacturer nearby that can help with your product needs and who offers the best customer service in the industry.

APCT is well known as a rigid printed circuit board manufacturer. Previously, when customers asked about rigid flex and flex PCB, we had to say no. We are proud to announce that APCT is now a flex PCB manufacturer and can say “Yes!” to more of our customers’ needs! With a recent acquisition of two manufacturing facilities in Orange County, we have the capability and capacity to create rigid, flex, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards. Not only does this give us enhanced regional support in Southern California, it also means that our customers can expect the same high standard of customer service and product that they’ve associated with APCT for rigid, flex, and rigid-flex boards.  Although we have expanded our Broad Range of Technologies, our focus on quality product and customer service remains the same.

APCT was founded to be the human element in PCB. We want to be more than your flexible PCB manufacturer in Fountain Valley, CA; we want to be your partner in everything printed circuit boards. That’s why we have recently invested $3 million dollars in our Southern California facilities to upgrade equipment, increase production shifts, and implement a mentorship program for new employees. Upgraded equipment leads to a broad range of capabilities and capacity open to our customers while increased production shifts shorten lead times. The mentorship program ensures that new employees are fully trained and there is a constant team of PCB experts at APCT for years to come. All of this equals a better customer experience for you!

If you need a flexible PCB manufacturer in Fountain Valley, CA, contact us to experience the APCT difference today.