HDI technology is one of the fastest growing sectors of the PCB manufacturing industry and with its many advantages, such as increased interconnection density, improved signal integrity, and increased reliability, it’s no wonder it is becoming a rapidly popular method. It’s important to find an HDI manufacturer local to your Camden, NJ area that has not only experience but knowledge and passion. Enter APCT, a sequential lamination manufacturer that not only has the expertise your project needs, but an absolute commitment to customer service to ensure that your HDI product is above and beyond in quality, reliability, and design.

APCT’s core values are respect, support, and transparency. To this end, we provide “best-in-class” customer service that makes your project our commitment – something you won’t find from any other HDI manufacturer in Camden, NJ. Our company’s goal is one of continuous improvement and innovation, and to that end, we’ve invested millions into emerging technologies and new, refreshing and, cost-effective solutions. As a sequential lamination manufacturer, stagnation and staying still means the rest of the industry is far ahead of where you are. Our investment into these emerging technologies has made APCT one of the most experienced and prepared HDI manufacturers in the industry.

Take advantage of one of the most highly advanced HDI manufacturers in Camden, NJ, and enjoy the many benefits of APCT’s unparalleled commitment to complete customer service and technical support. Call us today at (203) 269-3311, or use our online form to contact us. When reliability and performance are critical, APCT is your complete solution.