HDI Fabrication Bethlehem PAWhen your Bethlehem PA tech business needs HDI fabrication services, you only want the best, and that only comes from a PCB manufacturer that has the dedication and knowledge that only comes from time-tested experience. High density interconnect boards are rapidly becoming the new industry standard, with their increased capabilities to keep up with consumer demand, however, with their increased complexity comes unique and unexpected challenges for the inexperienced manufacturer.

That’s why you need APCT.

A veteran PCB manufacturer and high density interconnect board fabrication partner, you can count on APCT to deliver your business the high-quality, high reliability product you need to stay ahead of the competition.

As proud early adopters of promising new technologies, we’re one of the most experienced HDI fabricators that provide services to the Bethlehem PA area. That means our engineering team has the vital experience in HDI fabrication that you need for your project to be successful. And our company-wide commitment to continuous improvement means we’re never staying still, constantly assessing our capabilities as a PCB manufacturer and seeing where we can become even better. That means ensuring our equipment is on the cutting-edge of industry advancements, and employing new, cost-effective and quality-focused manufacturing methodologies, using our in-depth experience to strike a balance between innovation and the tried-and-true. This policy has given us some of the most advanced fabrication facilities in the industry, able to produce high quality products with robust reliability, and with speeds that are sure to impress: we can complete Via in Pad technology in 48-72 hours and HDI technology boards in 3-5 days, far faster than the industry standard of two weeks or more.

Experience working with an HDI fabrication partner that cares as much about your Bethlehem PA business’s project as much as you do. Partner with APCT today by calling (203) 269-3311, or use our online form to ask us any questions, any time, and let’s see what we can do together.