HDI Fabrication El SegundoAPCT is here to provide El Segundo area businesses like yours high-quality HDI fabrication services. We’re known for our incredibly fast PCB standard cycle lead times, but our HDI manufacturing speeds are also second-to-none. In just three to five days, we can complete most HDI board projects, saving you both time, and – with our cost-effective manufacturing methodologies – money. Experience the best in high density interconnect board fabrication when you work with APCT.

Our facilities are top-notch.

With our commitment to continuous improvement, we’re always analyzing where we’ve done well, and where we can do even better. This keeps our facilities stocked with the best in equipment, and ensures that our experience is augmented by innovative new solutions. The result? We’re well-known as one of the industry’s fastest PCB manufacturers, and our enthusiasm for adopting promising new solutions means we’re one of the most experienced HDI fabricators that offer manufacturing services for the El Segundo area.

But our technological capabilities aren’t the real difference between us and our competitors. Our real strength comes from the passion of our incredibly talented team. Every single member of APCT is dedicated to giving all of our clients the best possible customer service they can. We’re willing to go that extra mile just to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with our work.

APCT offers the best in HDI fabrication services for El Segundo businesses like yours. Get started with us today by calling 408-727-6442, or go online to use our online form to get in touch.