HDI Fabrication GreensboroIf your Greensboro area business is in the tech-sector, you’re probably looking for an HDI fabrication partner that has the experience and knowledge to give you a quality product. With their increased capabilities to keep up with the ever-growing consumer demands and high reliability, high density interconnect boards are rapidly growing in popularity, but their relatively recent arrival into the market can make it difficult to find a fabrication partner that has the facilities advanced enough and a staff experienced enough to guarantee a consistently excellent product. Fortunately, APCT is here to offer one of the industry’s best HDI manufacturing experiences, with cutting-edge facilities and an experienced, dedicated team.

Experience the APCT Difference

As proud early adopters of high density interconnect fabrication, our engineering team has decades of combined experience. By combining time-tested knowledge with innovative new solutions, APCT can provide your Greensboro business with high quality and high reliability HDI board fabrication fast. With the cutting-edge equipment at our advanced facilities, we can complete most HDI projects in just 3-5 days, far faster than the industry standard. And, as always, you’ll receive the total and complete support of the entire APCT. From our honest sales representatives to our talented floor technicians and friendly engineers, every APCT employee is dedicated to the total and complete success of your project.

We want your Greensboro area business’s time with us to be the best customer service experience you’ve ever had with an HDI fabrication partner. Get started with us today by calling (203) 284-1215, or by using our online form to ask us any questions or concerns you may have. When quality and customer service are paramount, you need the industry veteran that can deliver you the best product and experience for every project, every time. That’s the APCT difference.