HDI Fabrication La MiradaIs your La Mirada tech sector business in need of an HDI fabrication partner? You’ve found one of the best high density interconnect fabrication partners right here at APCT. Well known for providing high quality PCB boards fast, APCT provides our client partners with a winning combination of advanced technology and quality customer service to give you the best for every project, every time.

Our lightning fast PCB board manufacturing speeds is the result of our company-wide commitment to continuous improvement.

  • 2-10 layer projects in 24 hours
  • 12-24 layer boards in 48 hours
  • Via in Pad technology in 48-72 hours
  • HDI technology boards in 3-5 days

In our industry, being complacent means everyone else is passing you by. We’re committed to avoiding that by conducting regular, thorough assessments of our capabilities, and where we can do even better. That means ensuring we’ve got the best in equipment, manufacturing methodologies, and cost-effectiveness: all ways we can pass on quality, speed, and savings to you. This also means we’re always looking for the next big thing. We’re proud early adopters of high density interconnect board manufacturing, making us one of the most experienced HDI fabrication partners that service the La Mirada area.

Have your La Mirada business join our list of happy, long-term client partners, and get the best in HDI fabrication services. Experience the difference working with a true industry leader makes when you partner with us at APCT. Visit our online form to ask any questions you may have, or call (408) 727-6442 to speak with one of our representatives.