HDI Fabrication OntarioMany Ontario businesses in the technical sector are turning to HDI fabrication partners to keep up with customer demands. With increased reliability and capability, HDI boards are a promising and relatively new technology that can keep up with today’s fast-paced tech industry needs. But finding a high density interconnect fabrication partner can be difficult. For starters, the increased complexity of HDI designs requires a more advanced facility, and knowledgeable engineers who can ensure HDI board designs are at their very best.

APCT has you covered.

Our high density interconnect board fabrication facilities are among the most advanced in the industry, stocked with the best in equipment and augmented by advanced manufacturing methodologies. As early adopters of innovative new technology solutions, we’re also among the most experienced HDI fabrication partners that service the Ontario area, with years of combined engineering experience. Our company-wide policy of “continuous improvement” means we’re always honestly and thoroughly assessing our capabilities and where they can improve, ensuring we’re always on the cutting-edge of new advancements and technical ability. The result? One of the fastest HDI fabrication times for Ontario businesses: three to five days is enough for us to complete most HDI projects, far faster than the industry standard of two weeks or even longer, without sacrificing product quality or all-important reliability.

Ready to get started? Call us today at (408) 727-6442, or go online to ask any questions you may have via our online form. At APCT, we promise to deliver you the best, every project, every time.