HDI Fabrication San DiegoAPCT is the premier HDI fabrication partner for tech-sector businesses in San Diego. With decades of experience in providing clients with unparalleled quality products and a fast turnaround, only APCT has the facilities, drive, and dedication to providing you with the best in high density interconnect board manufacturing.

World Class Lead Times; World Class Service

We’re committed to standing apart from our competition: saying “yes” to our client requests, and always striving to do even better. That means honestly and consistently assessing the capabilities of our facilities and how we can improve, whether that means adopting promising new methodologies or obtaining new equipment. It’s this commitment to continuous improvement that’s made us a true leader in HDI fabrication for the San Diego area, and it’s what’s given us world-class standard cycle lead times for high density interconnect projects.  When necessary, APCT is able to offer just three to five days in HDI builds.

APCT saw the promise of HDI fabrication early on, and as a result, we’re one of the most experienced HDI manufacturing partners for San Diego. Our passionate engineering team is one of the best in the industry, and uses innovative new methods with time-tested experience to bring out the best in product quality and design. Pair our engineers with your internal design team to ensure that your project design is the best it can possibly be, and so you can take every advantage of our state of the art facilities.

For an HDI fabrication partner that promises to deliver the best to your San Diego business, call APCT today at (408) 727-6442, or use our online form to get in touch. Get the technical expertise you need and customer service and support you can trust with APCT.

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