HDI Hartford CTFor those in pursuit of the best HDI tech in Hartford CT, there’s no better way to go than APCT. As the leading PCB and sequential lamination manufacturer in the Silicon Valley and in Wallingford, CT, we’ve thrived on our successful business model of making our customer’s needs our own. Our passion and dedication to our company and our customers is world renowned, and we live this passion every day.

If your business is in need of high density interconnect printed circuit boards, we can assist you throughout the entire process. HDI is one of the fastest growing technologies, and they contain a higher circuitry density than most typical PCB’s. Here at APCT, we’ll apply our eight consecutive years of double digit growth towards manufacturing the highest quality technology for your needs! When you’ve got a deadline looming, we are able to produce some builds in 24 hours. Advanced HDI specific designs typically requires 15 day builds, however we are the industry leader in offering the fastest service of 3-5 days. So no matter how dire your project needs are, we can deliver your products to you in a timely fashion as soon as you need them.

Finding the best HDI tech in Hartford CT should not be a struggle. That’s why APCT makes it our business to go above and beyond and deliver only the best service to our customers. We aren’t just a standard supplier who takes your order, builds it, and delivers. Instead, our DFM engineers work with you to determine the best material and design for your specific needs. Furthermore, we believe price should never be an obstacle to getting quality work done, which is why we’ll collaborate with you on the fairest price point. Finally, we make the delivery process a breeze. So go ahead and give us a call today!