HDI Melbourne FLDoes your business require custom fabrication of cutting edge PCB technology including HDI in Melbourne FL?  APCT is a leading provider and manufacturer of HDI (High Density Interconnect) products.  We custom fabricate all orders to meet our clients’ exacting specifications.  APCT is proud to be a leading advanced technology printed circuit board manufacturer, and even prouder to be made in the USA.

Technology Options for All of Your Needs

To best meet our clients’ specification at every price point, we at APCT classify our board technology as Standard, Advanced, and Development.  At the Standard Technology point, APCT offers up to 28 layers of through-hole technology and HDI technology of up to 3 lamination cycles to our clients in Melbourne FL and nationwide.  If your specifications cannot be met by 28 layers and 3 cycles, move up to the Advanced Technology category.  Boards in this category offer up to 38 layers of through-hole technology and 5 lamination cycles of High Density Interconnect technology.

If you require cutting edge methods to meet your specifications, then our Development Technology products are made for you.  We offer a remarkable 40 layers (or more) of through-hole technology and up to 7 lamination cycles of HDI technology to make your Melbourne FL area operation cutting edge.  If you are not sure which of these technology classifications best meets your needs, please contact our customer service department.  We would be happy to guide you through all of our options and help you select the best, most cost-effective option for your business.

We maintain two regional offices to best serve our valued customers.  Our high quality printed circuit boards are manufactured in two United States locations.  APCT Santa Clara is located at 3495 De La Cruz Boulevard in Santa Clara, California.  APCT Wallingford is located at 340 Quinnipiac Street #25 in Wallingford, Connecticut.  Both locations are close to major postal hubs, which allow us to ship quickly and securely.