High density interconnect boards, or HDI boards, are one of the fastest growing technologies in PCB fabrication, and we at APCT pride ourselves in providing Milpitas with HDI manufacturing and engineering support excellence. We’ve invested $2.8 million in new, fast PCB fabrication sets specifically designed to support the rapidly expanding market for HDI in Milpitas, and with a 60% growth in demand for HDI technology, we plan to continuously offer our expertise for this rapidly growing demand well into the future.

Providing World Class PCB Fabrication Since 1971

Our fast PCB fabrication facilities allow us to commit to a world-class HDI manufacturing standard lead time of three to five days, far quicker than the glacially slow industry standard of three weeks or more. Coupled with our commitment to providing exemplary customer service for the technology needs of our clients, and our dynamic and innovative team to provide you best-in-class client services and support, it’s no wonder we’re considered an industry leader.

APCT is not only a leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards – we’re also an ally focused on your success. Our passion to provide unmatched value and earn your trust, our commitment to making you feel valued and important, and our dedication to do whatever it takes to make sure you receive an end result at quality above and beyond your expectations all separate us from other PCB facilities. We are proud to provide Milpitas with HDI engineering, production, and support services that are second to none. Contact us today online or via phone at (408) 727-6442 to request a quote and see how our unparalleled, world-class services and PCB manufacturing facilities can help you.