HDI New YorkNeed an HDI manufacturer for your New York based business? APCT is an industry leader in the manufacture of high density interconnect boards. Combining a state-of-the-art fabrication facility with a knowledgeable and driven team committed to your success, we can confidently rise to meet any challenge, and put your project on the path to success.

Welcome to APCT

In our industry, an inability to adapt to new and evolving technologies means you won’t go far. At APCT, we strive to constantly innovate, learn, and take bold steps forward to keep on the cutting edge of new advances in methodologies and technological advances. To that end, we’ve invested millions in equipping our fabrication facilities to match the rising demand for high density interconnect circuit boards. As a technology that increases product reliability and meets the growing need for increased capacity, we’re proud of our choice to involve ourselves with this advancing technology, and we’re pleased to offer first-rate HDI manufacturing to all New York, NY businesses.

Our facilities are only part of the story. The people at APCT are what really make the difference between us and our competitors. No other company can match the passion, commitment, and trust of our team. From the start of design to the manufacturing floor, every member of APCT is devoted to ensuring your complete satisfaction with the reliability and performance of your product. We want to be a long term partner, and to that end, we are committed to providing you with best-in-class customer service and support.

We’re here to answer any questions. Contact us online or call (203) 269-3311 and speak with a representative today. If you need an HDI manufacturing partner for your next project in New York, NY, trust APCT to provide you the knowledge, product, and customer service your business deserves.