Your business needs HDI PCB in Ladera Ranch, CA, but you aren’t sure where you can find advanced technology panels quickly. Enter APCT. We are a complex printed circuit board manufacturer that can handle your PCB needs from cradle to grave by offering fast prototype builds domestically and global supply chain management for large-scale production orders. We are more than a high density interconnect manufacturer; we are your partner in everything PCB!

The first step to the HDI PCB order for your Ladera Ranch, CA business is sending your recipe to our talented DMF engineers, who review every circuit board design before production to ensure that the panels are robust to manufacture. Our technical expertise and thorough review can save your business the cost, time, and hassle of reprinting the prototype. We focus on the needs of our customers by open communication with them prior to the build and then have that same commitment within our organization to communicate openly during the build, all to ensure a quality product on time to you our customer. With two fabrication facilities in Orange County, we offer our customers the best HDI through world-class customer service and knowledge of manufacturing.

Our Southern Californian PCB production houses provide enhanced regional support and high density interconnect capabilities for NPI builds. Once you have approved the prototype, you may need a large-scale order. APCT can assist you with this as well! We connect our customers to high-quality, complex circuit boards that are manufactured beyond U.S. borders. This gives your company the economic advantage of foreign production with the strength & stability of working with a domestic manufacturer. You can count on us to seamlessly transfer the HDI PCB recipe from your business in Ladera Ranch, CA to the overseas supplier, to work with suppliers that have the technological capabilities your business needs, to keep you updated on production, to quality test every batch of offshore printed circuit boards, and to deliver product on time. Who better to handle your PCB from cradle to grave than the experts!