APCT is your HDI fabrication partner here in Philadelphia. High density interconnect boards, or HDI boards, are one of the fastest growing PCB manufacturing methods, and we’ve invested $2.8 million to stay on the forefront of this cutting edge technology. Our investment in both our equipment and our people has made us one of the fastest sequential lamination manufacturers in the industry, with world-class premium lead times of three to five days in this HDI arena, and a best-in-class customer and technical support structure to serve our clients.

Our commitment to say “yes” to advancing and emerging methodologies and technologies has given us unparalleled design and manufacturing HDI experience in Philadelphia. It’s also given us an experienced, passionate team of engineering professionals committed to providing you cost-effective, innovative solutions for your product. While our status as an industry leading sequential lamination manufacturer has made us technologically advanced, it’s the APCT team’s devotion to continuous improvement that has given us real relationships with our clients. We don’t want to be just a faceless provider of PCB products – we want to be your full partner in finding technology solutions for you and your business, and guide your projects by providing you with complete customer service and technical support.

Say “yes” to a Philadelphia HDI manufacturer with a passionate team committed to innovation, expertise, and providing you with all of the tools you need to succeed. Call us today at (203) 269-3311, or contact us online to team our engineering experts with your in-house designers to get your project started on the right foot right from the start. Say “yes” to the best – APCT.